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  • 625-pear-spa
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    • The scents of sweet coconut intertwined with luscious, ripe pear will take them to a tropical paradise.
    • Coconut pear hand lotion, bath salts, shower gel, body lotion, hand soap, body mist, bar soap, peppermint foot soak and a sisal sponge arrive in a canvas tote, creating this tranquil spa assortment.
    • Gift Size: 9" x 6" x 11"
    • Pear & Coconut Scented
    • Bar Soap (5.08oz)
    • Hand Cream (5.04oz)
    • Hand Soap (5.04oz)
    • Body Mist (4.70oz)
    • Bath Salts (8.32oz)
    • Shower Gel (310ml)
    • Body Lotion (10.48oz)
    • Foot Soak (1.55oz)
    • Sisal Sponge
  • 377-pamper-relex-sm
    Out of stock
    • An assortment of Cru de Provence vanilla coconut scented spa products fills this lovely basket.
    • Overflowing with body lotion, shower gel, bath caviar, bar soap, body butter, bubble bath, body scrub, natural sponge and a lavender sachet to bring the fresh, clean fragrance of lavender to any room, closet or drawer, this indulgent gift will help them relax and enjoy.
    • A pair of soft waffle slippers adds an extra special touch.
    • And now you can send this tranquil spa collection anywhere in the continental United States with free standard shipping and handling.
    • Vanilla & Coconut Scented
    • Shower Gel (6.7oz)
    • Body Lotion (6.7oz)
    • Body Scrub (6.02oz)
    • Bar Soap (4.9oz)
    • Bath Caviar
    • Body Butter (6.7oz)
    • Bubble Bath (9.64oz)
    • Slippers (10"Lx3.75W)
    • Sachet
    • Sponge
  • 581-escape
    • Cranberry Pomegranate Scented
    • Body Butter (6.7oz)
    • Bath Salt (13.93oz)
    • Bubble Bath (9.64oz)
    • Lavender Sachet (20gm)
    • Bar Soap (4.90oz)
    • Terry Eye Mask (1)
    • Foot Soak (8.82oz)
    • Sisal Sponge (1)
    • Body Brush (1)
    • Chunky Bath Salts (24.69oz)
    • Shimmer Body Lotion (7.24oz)
    • Body Mist (3.35oz)
    • Shower Gel (7.24oz)
    • Body Scrub (6.02oz)
    • Sheet Spray (7.78oz)
    • Body Souffle (4.06oz)
    • Bath Caviar (4.52oz)
    • Turban/Hair Towel (1)
    • Microfiber Tower (1)
    • Waffle Slippers (1)